Sunday, 28 June 2009



Good evening.
Image upload capacity of my blog reaches the limit, and the upload of the image is not newly possible. That is why I prepared for new blog.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

コオニヤンマ (Genus Sieboldius)


I came back from the valley which a lot of large-sized dragonflies flew about. A dragonfly rested a feather everywhere.

ハラビロトンボ (Lyriothemis pachygastra)

彼はハラビロトンボ(Lyriothemis pachygastra)です。

He is Harabiro tonbo (Lyriothemis pachygastra).

Sunday, 24 May 2009

ショウジョウトンボ (Crocothemis servilia mariannae)

同期生(中学校以来)に教わった山池に参りました。 今年も、漸くにして、ショウジョウトンボとお近づきになりました。

I went to the mountain pond taught by a classmate (since a junior high school). I was able to photograph a Shoujou tonbo (Crocothemis servilia mariannae) at proximity distance.

タベサナエ (Trigomphus citimus tabei) 2009 Video 07

Saturday, 2 May 2009

虎斑蜻蛉 (Epitheca marginata Selys)  産卵 (Spawning)

時間は五分ほ どでしょうか。

When I arrived at the mountain pond, a female of Torafu tonbo (Epitheca marginata Selys) perched on a tree before eyes and began laying eggs. 
It was approximately 5 minutes in that time. 
She flew away and sank a tail once afterwards on the surface of the water.

Friday, 24 April 2009

The Second Broad-winged Damselfly, 2009.

昨日に引き続き、アサヒナカワトンボ(Asahina kawa tonbo, Mnais pruinosa Selys)を撮影しました。
写真は、ブログ(Memorandum since 2008)にアップロードしています。

I photographed Asahina kawa tonbo (Mnais pruinosa Selys) again.
I upload the photograph in my blog (Memorandum since 2008).

The First Broad-winged Damselfly, 2009.

The First Dragonfly, 2009.

Monday, 20 April 2009

The Second Damselfly, 2009. Video 04


It was clear today. I ran by MTB to the Dragonfly Pond. I wanted to meet the damselfly of the other day. However, I was not able to readily find them. That is why I gave it up and was going to come home. Fortunately a damselfly flew, and I was able to confirm a damselfly then. The damselfly of this time looks like only semitransparency by the naked eye. The camera is a magician.

The First Damselfly, 2009. Video 02

蜻蛉池に蜻蛉が現れました。 羽化したばかりの糸蜻蛉です。 体色が薄いので、撮影に苦労致しました。 でも、心は弾んでいました。 夢中だったのです。 記憶に残る一日です。 

A damselfly appeared in the Dragonfly Pond. It is the Damselfly which emerged. I had trouble with photography. But my heart was happy. I was crazy about it.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

オツネントンボ(Sympecma paedisca paedisca) Video 03

私は今日も山池に出かけました。往復百二十キロのサイクリングでした。この時期のオツネントンボ(Sympecma paedisca paedisca)は完璧な保護色です。枯れ草と同じ色なので、ピントが合いません。 

I went to the mountain pond today. It was cycling of coming and going 120 kilos. Otunen Tonbo (Sympecma paedisca paedisca) of this time is perfect protective coloration. Because it is a color same as dry grass, focus does not match.